Big Data Chip

The big data industry integrated with medicine

One of Svroflex's most ambitious targets is to develop theories and tools that enable daba-based observation on patients, as soon as they are admission to the ER and following with their hospitalization. The observation should to enable optimal planning, positioning and transporting various types of resources (doctors, nurses, lab technicians, assistants). Patients will be provided with a much more effective and adequate service at reduced costs and shorter waiting periods.

Advancements in the optical communication field is currently being accelerated, in light of the high demands of new applications and services that rely on a higher volume of data created and transmitted in business networks and for end-users' application. Svroflex is developing optical networks that offer a significant improvement potential to data-transfer speeds, owing to the use of light signals for the transfer of data fibers – instead of electors that pass through wires. Researchers and developers are currently looking for new methods of creating optical communication chips at a low cost and in high volume.

Svroflex's new optical chip integrates components and production technologies that are fully available commercially for its production and for fully utilizing its size advantage.