Wi-Fi technology

Wi-Fi technology
We at Svroflex are involved with providing coded services to wireless devices located within closed spaces, as well as supplying multimedia web-based services, such as video conferences, video by demand, and more.

Millions of people now own cellphones and hundreds of millions send and receive messages and files with their laptops, tablets, and other digital devices that can communicate with each other through short radio waves (Wi-Fi).

Other than that, a growing number of Wi-Fi users enjoy the convenience of the coverage that the wireless devices offer anywhere at home or at the office. At the same time, manufacturers integrate wireless communication capacities with devices and applications that were considered stationary in the past to enable consumers to maintain distant communication with them.

continues to provide these interested users with better access to broadband services without having to install any permanent landline connections.


The downside to Wi-Fi technology

The technological need in Svroflex is caused by the fact that radio frequencies that Wi-Fi technology operates on have limited available broadband. Therefore, data-transfer rate and channel capacity are insufficient to enable fast wireless access to online web-based services such as surfing, video conferencing, TV transmissions and video by demand. Even the fast and longer-range radio systems, such as WiMax are not well adapted to broadband communication inside structures, since they can only service a limited number of users in an enclosure, and more importantly – they cannot provide secure communication.