Video communication systems

Video communication systems
develops UWB technology capable of upgrading products in the digital home by providing a coverage of the short-range communication systems for rescue and disaster areas and for industrial multimedia integrated supervision. UWB provides broadband communication at a low level of transmission, causing the very high communication rate transmission to exist at the shortest possible range and move up to dozens of meters. Due to the low transmission rate, the UWB works in tandem with any other wireless device that operates in the environment without causing disruptions. For example, a Wi-Fi supporting device will interpret the weak signal as "noise" and filter it out. UWB uses the low transmission capacities, which according to FCC American standards is suitable to a human environment.

Until 2004, there were no available domestic wireless communication systems used to transfer fast files, as the WLAN systems remained in a top "net" rate of 30Mpbs. Nowadays, the companies have the capacity to transfer multimedia files in MIMOI UWB based technologies at the channel level and at very high rates of up to 100Mbps.

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Svroflex is involved with developing advanced chips that provide a response to Big Data challenges. We develop components capable of handling data transfers at rates of 25GB per channel, and in coded data transmission to existing wireless devices.

Last month, the company made a landmark achievement, after developing a unique chip that enables the transfer of 30-minute HD video recordings in less than a minute.

Svroflex's innovative technology will pave the way for higher levels of components' integration in computerized systems and consumer-electronics applications. By doing so, it will be possible for example to closely integrate between the main processor, the memory and the communication chips just to create a "building block" made of silicone, which will run at an infinitely higher speed than the fastest processors that are currently available.

Our company's technological developments takes strides into the application and commercially based world of development and help industry meet the growing demand for silicone chips' performances and computer power as a whole.