Transferring secure data

Transferring secure data
At present, in order transfer an MPEG2 file (movie) as fast as possible, a transfer rate of 20Mbps is required. The new technology that Svroflex develops ensures broader bandwidth, greater transfer range and improved reliability.

The applications that benefit from it are: VoIP, video, music, games and data storage. That means that transferring large files such as TV shows recorded by a conventional recording device to portable devices (laptop) will take place in far less time than the current situation. For example, transferring a 30-minute HD video recording with b.802.11 technology takes 42 minutes, and with the technology that Svroflex develops, transferring the same content is possible in less than a minute.

Another example – the transfer of a number of video channels in HD quality to a number of domestic end units at the same time. By doing so for example, it is possible to transfer three HD programs in MPEG-2 standard at the rate of 20Mbps to three plasma screens at the same time.

This type of technology has its benefits in the work environment. Organization's networks that provide data transfer enable a much faster transfer than what we what is available today. Staffers will be able to make a very fast connection from anywhere in the organization to emails, internet and the company's large data files.

Another feature the technology enables is the use of MINO – Multiple Input Multiple Output, meaning, an improvement in the absorption of radio waves by a number of antennas. When radio waves are reflected off walls, doors and other objects, usually reception on the antenna causes a wave destruction (multi-channel occurrence), which eliminates some of the signal. Through the use of MIMO and "relocation" the data current can be divided into various spatial currents and absorb a number of antennas to enable unharmed data transfer.