Technology background

Svroflex's research team has developed a method for a chemical creation of designed arrays in a semiconductor when the substance is used in solar cells and lasers. The physical qualities of a semiconductor can alter according to its structure, therefore layers of semiconductors are designed as structures that channel their electronic and optical qualities before they are inserted in chips. Silicone is the most abundant substance in devices containing semiconductors. The semiconductor industry, which produces chips, has introduced nanotechnology when it created transistors that keep getting smaller.

The concept behind Svroflex's downsizing is the shorter distance that the electric signals have to pass within the chip, whereby data processing is accelerated.

The chip can revolutionize access to information and its sharing. The raw speed of this type of communication component is equivalent for example to the bandwidth consumed by 100,000 users in a fast internet connection at a speed of 10Mbps, which enables the transfer of the entire U.S. Library of Congress in less than an hour, or hundreds of videos in a few seconds.