Research and development

Research and development
research sets the stage for the development of many potential applications with nano crystals in the field of electronics, optics, sensing and alternative energy solutions used to manufacture new forms of solar cells, sensors and transistors.

Nano crystals semiconductors are made from dozens to thousands of atoms and are 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. These nano crystals can be used for a number of applications, such as lighting, solar cells and imaging in biological research and medical diagnosis. Semiconductor materials are materials that have their electrical-conductivity characteristics can be found between conducting materials to enable the transfer of electricity, and highly-insulating materials that do not conduct electricity.

Svorflex's innovative technology paves the way for higher levels of components' integration in computerized systems and consumer electronics. It will be possible to closely integrate between the primary processor, the memory, and the communication chips – to create "building blocks" made of silicone, which will operate a thousand times more rapidly compared to the fastest processors that we are currently familiar with.

The maser production offers scientists a new tool for a range of uses, such as distant sensing mechanisms, radar for aerosol detection (tiny particles that float in the air), which are composed of toxic gases used in chemical and biological warfare. Moreover, maser can be used to study the harmful effects of millimeter wave radiation that are emitted from cellular phones.