The development of such devices requires a material that incorporates the features of the semiconductor (for example silicone – the most commonly used material in the chip industry) as well as magnetic material.
Researchers in the field have already made some inroads. However, finding substances with these features combined is especially challenging.
Therefore, Svroflex is now searching for an alterative for these substances.

Svroflex focuses on semiconductors made of carbohydrate chains (sugars), meaning – organic substances. "These substances have already been put to use in the most state-of-the-art smartphone screens.
" I anticipate that eventually it will be possible to manufacture cheaper electronic components especially from these materials – paving the way for the development of a range of new applications.
For example, if stores would be interested to label their products with information on the price, it will be possible to do so with Svroflex's electronic components at a minimal cost."