Cables and energy saving

Cables and energy saving
An important example requiring high levels of energy over a short period of time is the emergency system installed on Airbus planes. Electric cars have emerged as another fast-developing industry in recent years. Its main power source is an energy-rich battery, but in order to accelerate or climb uphill, a sharp and fast electric pulse is needed, supplied by a super capacitor attached to the battery.

Svroflex's solution integrates the design of the super capacitor's electrodes: they are not smooth surfaces but made rather of highly perforated material and therefore functions as a high surface area.
Normally, activated carbon is being used as an inexpensive substance by being a good conductor and mainly due to the fact that it can easily be perforated as a sponge, where it reaches the surface area very close to the theoretical margin – more than 2000m2 in a single gram.

Svroflex provides a "highway" for transferring large volumes of data at very high rates between the various chips that are integrated in the servers, data-processing centers and super computers.
So far, the technological application has broken through the recognized limitations by means of heavy data transfer with traditional communication connectors that carry a heavy price tag.