Big data – Svroflex

Big data – Svroflex
The data volume that organizations create and transmit on their communication networks continues to develop rapidly with the emergence of applications and new services.
Svroflex develops silicone-based silicone chips. Our development, which makes headway into the application and commercially based world of development can help the industry meet the growth demands in the requirement for silicone-chip performances and computerized power as a whole.

Businesses are now entering a new age that requires systems that are capable of analyzing and processing information in real time and in large volume, earning themselves the term Big Data.
Svroflex chips are silicone based and provide a response to the Big Data challenges by means of transparent communication between the various components of large systems – if just a few centimeters or kilometers apart. With these integrated chips it will be possible to transfer a large number of terabytes of data with efficient and fast optical communication.

Svroflex's silicone-based nanophotonics technology introduces components that can handle data transfer at rates of 25GB per channel. In addition, with this technology, you can enter a number of optical-data channels into a single fiber by multiplexing the wavelength as it is being conducted on the same communication chip. The ability to multiplex large volumes of data at a high rate should enable the expansion of optical-communication capacities and the transfer of terabytes of information between remote particles of computer systems.