A Miniaturized Analytical Processor

Svroflex has managed to bring about a  true revolution in the operating systems world. The company's new chip constitutes a breakthrough. The chip constitutes impressive technology, because, apart from a built in operating system, it also has the ability to process hundreds of actions in a second. In fact, the chip constitutes a mini server and supports up to 25 computers simultaneously.

The main advantage to our development is the cost savings. The average typical server requires immense resources as a result of its storage in the servers farm. Via our development at Svroflex,  an average company can manage a servers farm on its domain .

An additional advantage is the unique encoding system that identifies the unique computers that are attributed to that chip. This option guarantees maximum mobility under maximum security, with the knowledge that, should the chip for into foreign hands, they will not be able to make use of any of the data.