Advanced technological applications

Advanced technological applicationsWith Svroflex's technology, a 30-minute HD video recording can be transmitted in less than a minute.

 The transmission of a number of video channels in HD quality to a number of devices at home or in the office at the same time.
 Products developed with the innovative technology will be integrated with the products related to the digital home, in a short-range coverage for rescue and disaster areas, as well as multimedia-integrated industrial-scale supervision. 
 The anticipated sales forecast for technology-based products developed by Svroflex will reach about 65 million in 2011.

Svroflex develops the key technological building blocks that form the technological basis for the next generation in the development of short-range communication systems at greater rates than 100 Mbps. So far, there has been a high level of success in operating technological demonstrators in technology application.

Both technologies are taking the current situation to the next level in the transfer of wireless community – in terms of rate and wire-like reliability.

The technological innovation can be significant for the next generation in the world of communication.